Product Details

     The medium is laminated hardwood. We have a selection of handcrafted cutting boards, knife blocks, game boards, desk accessories, toys and furniture suitable for every taste and budget. All are constructed of solid laminated hardwoods designed for long-lasting utility and artistic beauty. The laminations are bonded by a water-resistant, non-toxic aliphatic resin.

    • White Oak - Distinguished by its open-grain appearance and high strength. Known for its high qualitiy of the "Quarter Sawn" look.
    • Maple - One of the hardest and lightest of the hardwoods.
    • Peruvian Walnut - Distinguished by its nearly black color.
    • African Paduak - Bright red in color.
    • African Sapele - Reddish brown with irregular grain patterns. Similar color to Honduras Mahogany.
    • Zebra Wood - Tan colored with black grain

    • Scandinavian Plywood - A fine birch plywood imported from Finland. The alternating light and dark layers result from the fact that neighboring layers have their grain directions at right angles to each other. This unusual effect can be verified by following a layer around an edge and noticing that it will change from dark to light or light to dark.
    • Purple Heart - Distinguished by its dark purple color.
    • Wenge - Distinguished by its nearly black color.
    • Cherry - Pinkish colored wood.
    • Australian Lacewood - Reddish brown wood. Distinguished by its flaky wood grain appearance.